Women's Day Red Point 2019

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. In Spain, last year there was an unprecedented concentration of men and women on the streets of the country's main cities to demand equality. This 2019 is expected to overcome the demonstrations of last year, since feminism is at the most critical social moment. The motto of March 8, 2019 is: For you, for us, for all!

The International Women's Day is a date on the calendar destined to recognize women as architects of history and of the struggle for their liberation and equality with men. A global celebration that also commemorates the presence, work and role of women around the world. More than ninety years of struggle by women with the aim of achieving equality, justice, peace and full development.

Red Point is a company led by a woman. Gema Torrent, the designer of all the collections of the firm pleads that "all women discover the goddess that they carry inside through pieces that adapt and enhance the feminine attributes. That's why Red Point's swimsuits and bikinis are designed to make women feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful under the sun. " In addition, Gema Torrent adds: "We want all women to feel special, from those who have a cup D to those who have less curves."

To commemorate this special day, Red Point has activated a draw on their social networks. A total of 4 models of the new collection will be raffled. You can participate through this link: Facebook Instagram 

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