White shirt: a closet bottom that every woman should have

What is the garment that can never be missing in a woman's closet? If you said a white shirt, you responded well.

It is probably one of the most classic and simplest garments we can have, but it is also a true lifeline to create a winning look whatever the occasion.

For an office look, for hangouts with friends, for an informal day and even to raise our beach and pool outfits combined with any of the Red Point bikinis and swimsuits. The white shirt is such a versatile garment that, season after season, it sneaks into the top 10 of the essential garments of any women's wardrobe. You want to know why?

The magic of a white shirt

As essential as jeans or a black dress, it is a white shirt. Whatever the style, a white shirt is one of those basic garments that you can combine in a thousand ways.

Let's say whoever has a white shirt has a real chameleon garment. Of those that adapt to what you need and the label that sends each occasion. You can look sophisticated, but also casual, casual, elegant, sporty ... and that is precisely the magic that makes the white shirt so special. The moment you need it, it becomes your best ally!

How to wear a white shirt

Wearing a white shirt with style is very simple. The first thing you have to know is that there are a lot of different types of white shirts that you can combine in different ways, depending on the style you want to achieve.

There are classic buttons, neckless, oversized cut, with puffed sleeves and even with frills, embroidery or appliques that give it a unique touch. The fundamental thing is to know how to adapt it according to the place and the moment in which you are going to take it.

For casual-chic looks, combining a white shirt with an American shirt or a blazer is always a success. It looks good with jeans, skirts or with a classic black pants.

For sports looks, but fashion you just have to mix a pair of sports pants with a casual white shirt and beautiful accessories.

For beachy looks. A white shirt can be the best complement to wear over the most beautiful Red Point swimsuits and bikinis on the beach and pool days. A safe bet? Our Malta shirt, plain line, white and 100% cotton.

For office looks. A classic white shirt or a modern roll with appliques or puffed sleeves, combined with a midi skirt or suit pants.

For casual looks. A cowboy, a white shirt and sneakers or ankle boots can be the perfect mix to face everyday style.

For party looks. You can bet on a classic white shirt without a collar with a miniskirt or even give it a more festive touch using a white organza shirt.

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