Tips to take care of your swimwear

Finding the perfect swimsuit or bikini can be a task that consumes many hours. And once you get it, you want it to last in good condition for as long as possible. But are you doing everything you need to take care of your bath clothes?


Swimsuits are usually delicate pieces that can be weakened by external agents such as the sun, chlorine or sea salt. And, although it is inevitable that they will be exposed to these elements, it is possible to take certain measures so that they suffer as little as possible and remain in good condition for many seasons.


We want the life of your Red Point bikinis and swimsuits to be very long, so today we bring you some tips to take care of your bathing clothes properly and get to enjoy it for many days of sun and beach.


How to take care of your bath clothes correctly?


If you twist your swimsuit or bikini to drain it, put it in the dryer or put the iron on it, we have news for you: you're messing with the care of your bathing clothes.


But do not spread panic. So you know how to extend the life of your Red Point bikinis and swimsuits, we give you some clues on how to wash, dry or store them. Take note!


1. Be careful with washing. The best and most recommended way to wash your bikini or swimsuit is to do it by hand and with cold water (hot water weakens the tissues). Use a neutral soap to remove traces of chlorine, salt or creams. Oh, and avoid using softeners at all costs.

2. Drying, better in the shade. Although it seems like a good idea to put your bath clothes in the sun to dry faster, the truth is that the sun's rays are slowly damaging the color of these garments. Therefore, it is best to always dry them in the shade and if possible the other way around.

3. Say NO to the dryer. In line with the previous point, avoid putting your bikini or swimsuit in the dryer at all costs. Not only can it destroy the elastic fibers of your garment, if you go over heat, it can also shrink it.

4. Drain well. And by draining it well we mean under no circumstances squeeze it to remove excess water. This gesture can deform the garment, make it give of itself and damage the prints (in case you have them). It is best to drain it carefully and without twisting it when you take it off and wrap it in a towel to transport it home (avoid plastic bags).

5. Never keep it wet. The humidity favors the appearance of fungi and makes the tissues smell very bad. Let your bath clothes dry completely before storing.

6. Do not iron. The materials used to make bath clothes are usually very sensitive to heat. Even if you are crazy about the iron, it is preferable to avoid ironing these garments to avoid damaging the fibers or spoiling prints and die cut details.

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