This Christmas gives Red Point

Christmas is here! That means that the time has come to share with the family and reflect on the year that ends ... but also the season par excellence to give.

Making gifts is something that for many is synonymous with stress, either because they don't know what to give or simply because of the burden of endless queues and crowds in stores.

The good news? That this year to succeed with gifts will be like sewing and singing. Because we have made a selection of the best Red Point bikinis, swimsuits and shorts to make the whole family happy.

The best Red Point garments to give away this Christmas

We have options for everyone: for classic women, for modern women, for men who love the basics, for those who like color, for children and also great accessories to get the perfect gift.

Do you want to discover all our proposals to give Red Point this Christmas? Here are 8 great ideas! Take note and get ready to get the gifts right.

1. For modern women, the Sali Red Point model is the perfect gift. It is part of the new 2020 Cruise collection and you can find it in a bikini or swimsuit and its smooth black line is pure sophistication.

2. For those who like to be comfortable, but without giving up looking stylish, choose the Red Point Quepos model. A model with multicolored leaf ethnic print that feels phenomenal. You find it in a swimsuit or bikini format, with different options of panties and bra. Ah! And with a 30% discount.

3. For women committed to caring for the environment, any of the bikinis or swimsuits from the Red Point ECO collection. A line of garments made with ecological fabric obtained from the recycling of useless fishing nets and plastic spills recovered from the sea.

4. For classic men, Lucas Red Point bermuda shorts with boat print are an excellent choice, although they may also like Blas Red Point bermuda shorts with ethnic print or Andros elastic Red Point navy blue.

5. To make a matching gift to parents and children, Red Point Gael shorts with red bottom and pineapple print are an alternative full of color for them. And, for them, nothing better than the Red Point Volos model that has swimsuit, bikini and accessories options for women and girls. Round!

6. For daring women, the Red Point Quequen trikini is a fantastic option. A black background model with a beige floral embroidery that mimics the crochet with which anyone can look sexy and elegant at the same time.

7. For the smallest of the house, the Red Point Pat model for babies. A swimsuit in light blue and duck print the sea of ​​tender and beautiful.

8. For sports lovers, a great gift can be a bikini or swimsuit from the Red Point Palm line. Made in microfiber or with a double-sided fabric with a neoprene touch, they are comfortable and have a nice palm print.

Do you want to discover more options? Take a look at all the beautiful models we have at Red Point for women, men and children.

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