On February 1 has seen an advance of the Redpoint Collection 2019. It is the new line Cruise of bikinis and swimsuits for women, composed of a total of 12 models that will surely conquer the beaches this summer.

The models of Redpoint's line of bikinis and swimsuits for women from Redpoint are:

1. Acandi. Available in both swimsuit and bikini is characterized by multicolored floral print.

2. Accra. Its abstract pattern that combines white, black and blue can be found in different bikini patterns and also in a swimsuit.

3. Biarritz. A Red Point classic that is published every year, this 2019 in black and white bicolor.

4. Cancun. A model in turquoise blue zig-zag jacquard for swimsuit and bikini. In addition, a very original swimsuit pattern with an open chest buckle in the front area.

5. Jaco. It is striking for its large floral pattern in earthy colors such as orange, brown and yellow.

6. Medina. A very funny model by the combination of bright colors: violet and green oil combined in stripes.

7. Passion. The perfect choice for women who love the basics. A tubular fabric available in both black and chocolate brown.

8. Quepos. An original very cheerful ethnic leaf print, perfect to enjoy the beach days.

9. Sali. Another of the classic Red Point models. An ideal black model for the most elegant women.

10. Talca. A black bikini with fluor-yellow trim and details on the top that make the difference.

11. Varua. It stands out for its original cut, both in its bikini version and in a swimsuit. In a khaki green it is a sophisticated model that will not go unnoticed.

12. Volos. The polka dot print is feminine, flirty and very elegant. The Volos model is available in both blue and red.

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