Carnival is one of the most colorful festivals of the year. It is celebrated in practically all places in the world but carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and those in Tenerife are especially well known. In addition, these two destinations allow combining the great parades and music with beach days in which to wear bathing suit or bikini from Red Point. In the new collection for summer 2019 we find models of swimsuits and bikinis for women of the most sophisticated to attend a party as exotic as the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

In this article we are going to talk about the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. These are some curiosities about this party that surely you do not know:

• The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the largest in the world. So much so that generates more than 665 million dollars. In 2018, the country broke its attendance record with almost 6 million visitors.

• The samba show includes no less than between three thousand and five thousand dancers.

• Samba schools prepare for Carnival throughout the year. In addition, they have to comply with all the regulations imposed by this party. For example, nudism is not allowed. Each school has a maximum of 80 minutes for their parade, time in which the jury qualifies.

• To attend the Sambadrome, tourists must book their tickets three or four months in advance due to the high demand.

• The Carnival Queen is not chosen just for being pretty, she should be cheerful and above all, master the dance of the samba.

• King Momo is the King of Carnival and he is the one who receives the keys of the city from the mayor's hands to officially inaugurate the carnival.

Do you want to have a carnival on the beach? Choose your favorite Red Point swimsuit model now and pack your bags.

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