The best seabed in the world for scuba diving

These are the best seabed in the world for scuba diving.

Diving is in fashion! There are more and more travelers who dare to dive into the water to discover what is hidden offshore and the result is always the same: they leave delighted and wanting to repeat. Therefore, today we are going to talk to you about the best seabed in the world for diving.


It doesn't matter if you are doing your first steps or if you are already a professional. In the 5 destinations that we are going to show you, you can enjoy watching goldfish, giant blankets, whale sharks or impressive coral reefs.


Do you want to know where in the world the best seabed for diving is hidden? Here we discover them. In addition, we tell you which are the best Red Point swimsuits to put under your wetsuit and enjoy with full comfort.


The 5 best seabed in the world for scuba diving


If you want to experience the sensation of immersing yourself in the water and discovering the immensity of the ocean, knowing these 5 tourist destinations in which diving is the king, it will come as a ring to your finger. Prepared? We start


Galapagos (Ecuador)


One of the best places in the world (if not the best) for diving. The seabed of this group of Pacific islands are well known for the wide variety of marine life you can find: whale sharks, sea lions, sea iguanas, seals, eagle rays, humpback whales ... and much more. Your swimsuit? The Red Point Eco model.


Red Sea (Egypt)


A few hours from Spain is this destination that is one of the essentials when it comes to diving (some of the recommended diving points are Abu Dabbab and Elphinstone). Any diver regardless of their level can enjoy its immense coral gardens with all kinds of marine life, its tropical fish and animals such as dolphins, turtles and sharks. Recommended swimsuit? The Red Point Lorain model.


Raja Ampat (Indonesia)


This 40,000 km2 archipelago located northeast of the Doberai Peninsula, in New Guinea, Indonesia, is a true paradise for diving enthusiasts. Here you can see more than 200 different marine species in a single dive including orangutan crabs, manta rays, toad fish or seahorses. In addition, you can find 600 different species of coral and more than 1,000 types of reef fish, not bad! What swimsuit to wear? The colorful and comfortable Red Point Omis model.


El Hierro (Canary Islands)


It is the smallest island of the Canary Islands, but in it you will find the Marine Reserve of La Restinga, a seabed without equal, rocky, with caves, tunnels and dips. Here you can dive accompanied by large schools of fish, turtles, blankets, dolphins, whale sharks and more species. The ideal swimsuit? The Red Point Palm model.


Great Barrier Reef (Australia)


Probably one of the most famous sites in the world for diving. The Great Barrier Reef, located northeast of Australia, off the coast of Queensland, is an immense reef that has 400 species of coral and more than 1,500 varieties of species such as clown fish, whales, dolphins or sea turtles. Not for nothing is it a World Heritage Site since 1981. The best swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit? The Quepos model of Red Point.

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