The best beach destinations to travel alone

More and more women are encouraged to travel alone. An adventure that many times cost them the first time but once they try it, they repeat. Traveling alone has great advantages since you can decide everything, absolutely everything, related to the trip: destination, budget, plans, improvisations ... In addition, the fact of being alone makes you have a much more open mind to try new things and to know to people

Despite the fact that gender equality has taken giant steps in recent times, there are still countries where it can be dangerous for a woman to go alone. On the other hand, there are others that are quite safe and that do not incur any danger as long as natural measures are taken such as not going to dangerous neighborhoods at night.

These are the 4 perfect beach destinations for a woman to travel alone:

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a spectacular region with paradisiacal beaches, an unbeatable gastronomy and a very pleasant atmosphere. In Sicily we recommend the village of Tonnara di Scopello whose beauty has turned it into a setting for films like Ocean's Twelve. If you love diving, in its waters you will find archaeological remains.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that is very fashionable because it still retains much of its essence. In Kandy you will find the perfect combination between Buddhist culture and emerald green waters.


Extra long beaches in the Caribbean Sea. It is the perfect destination to unwind, relax, walk and read good books.

Los Angeles California

Plan 10: rent a pair of skates or a bike and stroll along the Santa Monica beach with palm hearts and a Red Point swimsuit. In Los Angeles you can combine the beach with endless activities such as visiting theme parks, museums, art galleries or enjoy its many events such as concerts.

Do not wait more. Choose your destination, put your Red Point bikini in your suitcase and enjoy the adventure.

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