The 5 trends in swimwear 2019

On the 21st of June the summer starts and with it, beaches and pools are filled. It's time to turn the swimsuit into the official garment of the season.

These are the 5 trends in swimwear 2019, and we can all see them in the Red Point collection this summer:

1. The flyers. This romantic adornment we will see both in swimsuits and bikinis. Several Red Point models carry flyers. For example, the ethnic print Tupai with ruffles that go from the chest and fall on the shoulders. The same cut has the Hydra suit, available in both plain black and fuchsia.

2. Asymmetries. Swimsuits and asymmetrical bikinis are trend. For example, the Red Point Split model in black and white has only one strap, which makes it a very original and elegant swimsuit. For his part, the swimsuit Valdivia has an opening under the chest of the sexiest.

3. 90's. The nineties are very present in the fashion of this summer and also in the fashion of bathroom. Sports swimsuits are one of the most desired among younger women. These will fall to the Varese model of Red Point. A black bikini with multicolored rubber with top on top and bottom with high waist.

4. Boho. Like every summer, flowers, tribal prints and romantic motifs are trends. The most boho model of the Red Point collection is the Tribal Milna Trikini with cutouts on the sides and fringe details.

5. Tye-Dye. The bleaching is one of the great trends of the season also in terms of bathing fashion is concerned. Discover the Duala model from Red Point, a Tye-Dye bikini available in two colors: gray and sky blue.

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