Red Point's most photogenic swimsuits

We have already given you tips to make good beach pictures and even to take pictures under the sea. Do you know what we haven't told you yet? What are the most photogenic Red Point swimsuits, those that the camera loves and that turns any Instagram post into a photon.


Choosing them was not easy because we love all our models. But, after an arduous deliberation, we have decided on 6 swimsuits that have been crowned as the jewels of our 2017, 2018 and 2019 collections.


Do you want to meet them? We reveal the 6 most photogenic Red Point swimsuits in recent years ... and we leave you with our forecast of what promises to be the most photogenic of the new 2020 Cruise line.


The top 6 of the most photogenic Red Point swimsuits


The most photogenic of summer 2017 were ...


The Sali model. A Red Point classic that has been one of those perfect swimsuits for years. Because it is original, beautiful and very elegant. The good news? That comes back in the new Red Point collection!


The Shain model. This asymmetrical trikini with a single strap and side cut caused a sensation during the summer of 2017. Paz Vega was one of those who could not resist this simple, stylish and very flattering model, and she looked so good at the seashore. Is it photogenic or not?


The most photogenic of summer 2018 were ...


The Noa model. We loved her frills that fell on her shoulders and her romantic and sophisticated style. One of those ultra feminine and versatile swimsuits that suit any closet.


The Cherry model. Original and fun to say enough. This cherry print swimsuit was another one of those models that became the sensation of the season. It could be found in a bikini or swimsuit, but our favorite model was the one that incorporated a skirt. Top.


The most photogenic of summer 2019 were ...


The Volos model. One of the most flirtatious of the Red Point 2019 collection. For its irregular polka dot print, its bright colors (available in red, blue or yellow), its volates and its floral ornaments. In addition, you can still find it in different bikini and swimsuit styles, as beautiful as this one-shoulder with asymmetrical neckline.


The Milna model. This swimsuit in orange and maroon colors and ethnic print with bangs is not only beautiful, it also records phenomenal photos. Not for nothing has earned a position in our selection of the most photogenic swimsuits Red Point.


Now we only have one thing left: to know which will be the most photogenic swimsuit of 2020. We bet that the king of the photos will be the Lili model. What do you think? Here you can see a preview of the new line of swimsuits and bikinis from Red Point.

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