Red Point jewel swimsuits and bikinis 2019

We all have in our closet some star garments. They are those unique pieces that we like to wear on special occasions. Well, in our Cruise 2019 collection, these types of garments are also present: they are the Red Point jewel swimsuits and bikinis. Do you want to know what they are?

If in your day we talk about the most elegant models of Red Point 2019, today it is the turn of those models of swimwear that have some specific detail that makes the difference. It can be an embroidery, a steering wheel or a color detail. In short, a subtle but striking touch in equal parts, which make it a bikini or swimsuit with a lot of personality.

Red Point jewel swimsuits and bikinis 2019

Within our 2019 collection we have pieces for all tastes: classic, modern, casual, elegant ... Versatile swimwear designed to elevate any beach or pool look.

These are 5 of our most special models: swimsuits and bikinis that have taken the title of jewels from the collection.

The Lib model. A plain bikini that stands out for combining an elegant black background with a manual embroidery of colored rhinestones. It is composed of polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%) and, in addition to the panties and bra, you can also find a semi-transparent blouse of the same line that is the ideal complement to wear on any occasion.

The Talca model. The elegance of black merges with the vivacity of fluoride in this model that you can find in a bikini or swimsuit format. Its thermofixed die-cut embellishments with a little fluoride point give it the modern and original touch that make it a very special option to wear on the beach or the pool at any time of the day.

The Quequen model. One of the sexiest models in our collection. It combines its black background with a beautiful and delicate embroidery of beige flowers that mimics the crochet. You can find it in a bikini or trikini version ... and it feels really good.

The pineapple model. If you like prints, our pineapple model is a great option. It has a colorful figurative print of pineapples and, in some models, a striking navy blue garland ornament that mimics the leaves of the fruit. In addition, you can find it in a lot of different formats: bikini with many different options of bra and panties, swimsuit, dress or pants.

The Hydra model. Modern and elegant This is the smooth line model with tulle frills that you can find in black, fuchsia or lime. It has a lot of movement, it is very flattering and if you want to feel stylish, but without sacrificing comfort, it is an excellent option.

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