Perfect books to read on the beach

Now that everyone is preparing to return to the routine, are you getting ready to disconnect and rest? If your vacation has just begun, in addition to filling your suitcase with your favorite Red Point bikinis and swimsuits, you will surely want to take a good book to read by the sea.

Because vacations are the perfect time to resume the habit of reading and because there is no better company for long days in the sun than a good story. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of 6 perfect books to read on the beach wearing a Red Point model. You will be hooked!

The best books to read on the beach or by the pool

Conversations between friends. The debut novel by the young Irish author Sally Rooney, which has already become a literary phenomenon. A fresh story full of dialogues that offers an honest portrait about love, friendship, desire, jealousy and a generation that rejects the imposed labels.

Happy summer days. Fulco di Verdura (Italian aristocrat, collaborator of Coco Chanel and writer) relives in this memoir the summers of his childhood in the idyllic Villa Niscemi in Sicily. In its 256 pages, he tells with great humor children's antics, family anecdotes and details of his travels in Europe.

Saleswoman. A Japanese novel written by Sayaka Murata that hilariously portrays the expectations of single women's society. Keiko, a 36-year-old supermarket clerk, single and who has never had a partner, faces what everyone expects of her: to form a home and follow the path of a conventional adult.

Welcome to the Cabronas sin Fronteras club. After "I forgot to forget you," Megan Maxwell returns with this romantic comedy. In it, Silvia, Rosa and Elisa, three women who have not had much luck in love, break up with their respective marriages and, after a night of partying, decide to go from being princesses to being warriors.

The lost flowers of Alice Hart. This Holly Ringland novel has been awarded the ABIA award for best fiction book of the year. It tells the story of Alice, a young Australian woman whose fire changes her childhood and forces her to take charge of her life. An intense story of love, loss and inner strength.

Women who read. In this compilation of stories, author Rosa Huertas sneaks into the lives of inspiring women who lived in the post-war years and dreamed of being more than what life had marked them: being wives and mothers. A nice tribute to the author's mother and all the women of the time.

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