As every year for twenty years nothing less, the experts of the Pantone Color Institute analyze the market to choose the tone that will become the color of the year. This 2019, The Color of the Year will be the PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral that they define as "a choral, lively and vital tone that bets for life, with golden nuances that bring energy and dynamism with a touch of softness".

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, defines it as follows: "Color is a lens through which we experience our natural or digital realities, and this is especially true in the case of Living Coral. the fact that consumers crave human interaction and social connection, humanization and the encouraging qualities shown by this so happy Pantone, is capable of playing a sensitive chord ".

Therefore, the PANTONE Living Coral represents the fusion of modern life, a mixture of the most familiar values ​​with the most energetic. Of course, it is reminiscent of the sea, since the PANTONE Living Coral evokes the coral reefs that protect the different kaleidoscopes of color.

For the choice of color and in the words of the same Pantone team: "The color experts of the Pantone Color Institute comb the world looking for new influences.This can include the entertainment industry and films in production, the most traveling art collections and the artists, fashion, any design area, the most popular destinations, as well as lifestyle and socio-economic conditions.Our influences can also come from new technologies, materials, textures and effects that impact the world of color, social media platforms and even sporting events that capture world attention. "

In the 2019 swimwear collection from Red Point we find several models of swimsuits and bikinis with brushstrokes in the PANTONE Living Coral.

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