On Valentine gives Red Point

Valentine is around the corner. And, although any day is good to celebrate love, February 14 is usually the quintessential date to share a special moment as a couple ... and to give a good gift that surprises!


And you know what is a good option to mark yourself a precious and original detail this Valentine? Gift Red Point bikinis and swimsuits. The bathing clothes are super in vogue and, in addition, it is a very useful gift that always comes great for pool or sea days.


Of course, it is important to choose well to succeed with a model that matches the tastes and personality of your partner. Therefore, to make your life (and choice) easier, today we are going to give you some recommendations that will help you get inspired.


Red Point models perfect for Valentine's Day gifts


No chocolates, no flowers, no jewelry. If you really want to surprise your love with a special gift, a Red Point bikini or swimsuit is a great alternative with which you will not fail.


Especially now that an advance of the new 2020 Cruise collection has already come to light. A line composed of 12 beautiful pieces among which you will find options for all tastes.


Do you want to discover what are the most beautiful Red Point models to give this Valentine? We show you our favorites.


For the most classic, the Sali model


One of the mythical models of Red Point. It is perfect to give to those women who like to look elegant, but with a little bit of sensuality. Its black color is good for any occasion and its draped bra detail makes it one of the most stylish in the new Red Point collection. By the way, have we already told you that you can find it in both bikini and swimsuit format?


For the most daring, the Lili model


When you see its maxi rings in black and its neckline pronounced on the back or chest you are clear that it is a special model. And wow it is! Undoubtedly one of the most fashion models of the new collection and a sure success to give to those modern women, fashionistas and adventurous souls. It comes in black and you find it in different bikini or swimsuit designs.


For the most romantic, the Fedra model


Red is the color of love and passion, so giving this Valentine the Red Point Fedra model is an excellent option. This simple bikini, but original at the same time, surprises with its scale ornament and feels really good. Great for the most sensitive and romantic women.


For them, Vito Bermuda


Of course, we weren't going to forget the boys. For them our favorite model to give on Valentine's Day, they are Vito bermuda. They are short, come in orange and black and with cashmere print.

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