Laura Madrueño poses with Red Point bikinis in a report by the magazine Women's Health Spain.

Laura Madrueño is known for being the presenter of El Tiempo in Telecinco. What many do not know is that the journalist is a great lover of sports. His favorite sport is swimming: "Swimming makes me feel free. That's why I've decided to show my body where I'm happiest, in the water. "

In addition, the presenter has her own lifestyle and sports blog within Women's Health magazine, which deals with topics such as travel, advice and lots of exercise. She is also passionate about travel and the sea.

On the cover of Women's Health, Laura Madrueño sports body and abdominals with two sets of Red Point.

The chosen model of Red Point for the cover of the magazine is the Varese with the option of bra in top and the panty in high waist. It is a sporty style bikini in black with the detail of a multicolored rubber. The perfect option for water sports.

In the second photo, the journalist poses with the bikini pant Atira. A high-waisted model in black that is characterized by the lateral openings with crossed strips that contour the garment giving it a suggestive and up-to-date look.

Coinciding with the publication of Women's Health, Laura Madrueño posted a photo on her Instagram swimming naked with the following text that was applauded by her fans: "We are in difficult times to love ourselves as we are, to love our body. Too many comparisons and demands, even more being women. I am aware that I demand a lot every day at the time of training, but I train to feel good, not to be seen well. "

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