Lara Álvarez chooses Red Point for Survivors 2019

Like every edition of Survivors, the presenter on the island, Lara Álvarez, chooses swimsuits or bikinis from Red Point for the show's galas. In this 2019 edition he has selected the Milna trikini from Red Point.

It is a very special model, tribal print in warm colors that combines reds and oranges. In addition, this trikini has the detail of a ruffles in both the chest and abdomen, one of the trends in swimwear this summer.

How to choose trikini

The trikini is a garment that is halfway between the bikini and the swimsuit. It was invented by the designer Rudi Gernreich in 1970, who joined a bikini with a central strip or side where they added hoops or buckles. His design was all the rage on the beaches and was shown by great movie divas like Brigitte Bardot or Ursula Andress.

There are different types of trikinis to adapt to different body types.

For example, tall, thin women will be favored with any trikini pattern but it is recommended that they choose light colors instead of black. In contrast, for women of less stature and rounded shapes, trikinis are recommended in black or vertical striped colors. In addition, they should choose trikinis with the widest central part, to disguise the area of ​​the abdomen.

A trick that does not fail when it comes to choosing swimwear is to think about adornments strategically. Keep in mind that all kinds of buckles, brooches, flyers or ties will draw attention. That is why we must try to bring ornaments in areas that we want to promote and avoid them in the areas to be disguised.

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