How to choose the sizes of Red Point bikinis and swimsuits

What do we all look for in our swimwear? That is beautiful, but also that it favors us and makes us feel comfortable. That is why it is so important when choosing a bikini or swimsuit to get the right size that best suits our body, our style and our needs.


The problem is that getting it is not always an easy task. Sometimes we do not find a wide variety of sizes in the market or simply the trends of the moment do not fit all types of bodies. The good news is that with Red Point bikinis and swimsuits, this is not going to happen because among our variety of models you will always be able to find the perfect swimsuit for you. These are the factors that you must take into account to hit the spot and get the right size when choosing swimsuits and bikinis.


Sizes of Red Point bikinis and swimsuits


At Red Point we have one clear thing: no woman should give up wearing her favorite designs just because of size. That is the reason why all our bikini and swimsuit models are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes so you can find any piece of our collection from size 38 to 54.


When choosing the perfect bathroom piece for you, it is essential that you find the size that best fits your body so that it does not fit either large or small. A swimsuit or bikini that is too large will not fit properly to your body, making you feel uncomfortable and insecure. And a swimsuit or small bikini can get too tight.


In addition, in our size chart you can find recommendations so that you know what size to choose from bikinis, swimsuits and accessories according to criteria such as the measurements of the chest contour, the waist contour or the hip contour. In this way, you can buy your Red Point bikini or swimsuit online being sure that you will not fail.


Red Point bikini and swimwear models


Another important point when choosing a bikini or swimsuit is to find a model that suits your type of silhouette, highlight and favor it. And in making models for all types of bodies at Red Point we are experts.


In our collection you will always be able to choose between different types of pieces that adapt to the different needs and tastes of women. Different varieties of bras, a lot of types of panties and many swimsuit options.


For example, you can find more than 20 different types of bras (adjustable, push-up, curtain, adjustable rings, top knotted from behind). And, in the case of panties, you have available up to 12 different models (classic, Brazilian, high fashion, adjustable control, sash type ...).


The important thing here is that you find a model that you are comfortable with so you can enjoy your beach or pool days feeling beautiful and safe.


Do you want to see all the options of bikinis or swimsuits that we have to offer you in the new 2020 collection of Red Point? Check them out here to choose the design you like best.

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