Floral prints

Season after season floral prints invade the fashion collections of the world's leading designers, demonstrating that they are one of those classic, but timeless, trends that never lose their validity.

Stylish and versatile, floral prints or prints have become a must that can not be missing in any summer closet. And this year they are stomping again (yes, again they are imposed in shop windows and shops!) To bring a touch of romanticism and freshness to summer clothes par excellence.

The Red Point 2019 collection gets on the floral print cart

At Red Point we are not far behind. Therefore, in our 2019 collection you can find several models of swimsuits and bikinis with floral prints that are perfect for you to be up to date on your beach and sea days.

Color lovers will love the Acandi model with large multicolored floral pattern. It is available in different patterns: bikini with different types of neckline and briefs, swimsuit, tankini style and also in bikini and swimsuit for girls.

For those who prefer garments with more delicate designs, there is the Noina model. It has an oil-green hue with small flower print and ribbon ornament, details that make it one of the most romantic models to wear during the holidays. You can find it in a bikini, in a swimsuit and also in a dress format.

Another option that never fails is a design with sailor airs like that of our Milina model that is characterized by its dark blue background and its pattern of white monochromatic flowers. Beautiful for any occasion and also very flattering. And if you want to complete your look, a tunic and a match with the same print are available.

For those looking for a different alternative and that attracts attention, our Lome model is a great choice. It has been designed with a print of a giant flower and can be found in a bikini, in a swimsuit with a crossed neckline and also in a swimsuit.

Discover more bikinis and swimsuits from the Red Point 2019 collection with floral print.

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