Father's Day gives away Red Point 2020 swimsuits

This March 19 Father's Day is celebrated throughout Spain. Although this 2020 we will not be able to have great celebrations, there is something we can do to honor Dad as he deserves: to make him a beautiful and original gift that will bring him much happiness.


But what to choose to hit? That is a question that always brings many headaches to children and mothers. Because we all want to find something special that is out of the ordinary and really useful.


So that you can get it at the click of a button and with the certainty that you are going to surprise your father, we offer you an option: give him a swimsuit from the new Red Point 2020 collection.


What swimsuit to give for Father's Day?


It doesn't matter if your father is one of the classics or if on the contrary he is a modern man. In Red Point's new 2020 collection there are options for all kinds of men.


There are elastic models for the most sportsmen and bermuda-type models for those who simply enjoy soaking. Whether you choose one or the other, you can be sure of one thing: a swimsuit is always a gift for beach and sunny days.


To help you in your choice, we tell you which are our favorite models for men from the Red Point 2020 collection.


-For the most classic parents, there are two models with which to hit for sure. On the one hand, the Vintage model, a plain blue bermuda shorts that is sober and elegant in equal parts. On the other, the Hugo model, also bermuda, but this time with pastel colored stripes.


-For sports parents, the Andros model. An elastic swimsuit that you can find in a boxer, slip or thong style and also in different colors.


-For the most modern parents, the Bruno model with a tropical print, the Dani model with a pineapple print or the Eric model with a poppy print. Any one of the three can be a perfect option.


If you prefer a swimsuit for father and son to go to the game, the model you are looking for is the Ulises model, a bermuda with a starfish print in blue available for adults and children.


Gift fixed. Now you only have to dive through our website to choose the one that your father will like the most :-). Happy day to all the papis!

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