Destinations to spend a New Year's Eve at the beach

Have you ever dreamed of saying goodbye to the year with your feet in the sand? If you want to make your wish come true, the first thing you will need is to discover the best destinations to spend a New Year's Eve at the beach.


Because what better plan than to hang the scarf, forget about the coat and dive into the sea with your favorite Red Point bikini or swimsuit.


To give you a cable in the search for destiny, we have investigated places in the world that, in addition to paradisiacs, are perfect to escape from the cold and welcome the new year. And here we discover them!


5 destinations to spend a New Year's Eve at the beach


New Year's Eve is just around the corner and, while in most of Spain it is cold that peels, there are other places in the world where the sun and good temperatures accompany during the Christmas season. Do you want us to give you some ideas? Let's go there!


Phi-Phi Islands


If you go on vacation to Thailand, you can not miss the Phi-Phi Islands. This archipelago of white sand beaches and breathtaking landscapes, as well as spectacular, is one of the most sought-after corners of the country of smiles. The best time to visit it? The months of December to March, a season in which it is hot (without being suffocating) and it hardly rains. Perfect to wear the Red Point Quepos model!




This paradise in the Mexican Caribbean is an excellent option to escape the winter and get warm. It has summer and tropical weather all year round and, in addition, if you are looking for good weather, the months between December and April are the perfect season: average temperature of 29º and rare rains. What swimsuit to wear to this destination? The Pitimbu model of Red Point.


Cayman Islands


Lost in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, these tropical climate islands are a great place to rest and disconnect. You can enjoy its dream beaches, its crystalline waters sporting the Palma model of Red Point and the great variety of fauna and flora, always with temperatures between 20º and 26º… in December, in addition, without rains or hurricanes in sight .



You will hardly find a more exotic destination than the Maldives to spend a New Year's Eve at the beach. The weather is ideal all year round (it ranges between 26º and 29º), its hotels are amazing and you can also practice a great variety of water sports. If you are thinking about which bikini or swimsuit to wear, we recommend the Jaco model of Red Point.



You don't have to go far to enjoy a beach year end. In Lanzarote you will find everything you need to enjoy a spectacular New Year's Eve: beaches, volcanoes, breathtaking landscapes and a temperature that is around 20º. And the Red Point Atira model is the perfect bikini or swimsuit to succeed.

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