Benefits of paddle surfing

It started to rage a couple of summers ago, it has become the sport of fashion and has managed to cram the beaches of fans wanting to try it. Do you know what activity we are talking about? Yes, you've hit the spot: paddle surfing.

Halfway between surfing and canoeing, paddle surfing (or stand up paddleboarding as it is known in English), consists of standing on a board similar to those used for surfing, while with a single-paddle paddle You push yourself to navigate the sea.

Although this sport has gone viral now, it actually has its origins in the 60s on the paradise beach of Waikiki, Hawaii. In that decade and now, it is a practice that has great benefits.

6 benefits of paddle surfing

Beyond the posture of Instagram photos, this sport has many advantages for physical and mental health ... and it is also very fun! We tell you 6 of the most important benefits of paddle surfing.

It is an easy sport

You are not going to be an expert as soon as you get on the table, but you also don't have to do a master's degree to start making your first steps. The most important thing is that you know a minimum of theory and have a good team. The rest is to start in calm waters and persevere. It is a sport that catches the trick quickly and that allows you to enjoy from the first session.

Strengthens and tones the legs

Only with the involuntary movements you make to maintain balance on the board are you already toning the muscles of the trunk and legs. If you also put a little cane, you can work the muscles of the arms, tone the abdomen and improve posture.

It helps you burn calories

Practicing paddle surfing favors energy expenditure ... or what is the same: it helps keep kilos at bay. It is an exercise that involves an important aerobic activity and with which you can burn a few calories.

It is a great family activity

It is a sport that people of any age practice, very quiet if you do it in calm waters, but at the same time very fun. Therefore, it is a fantastic activity to do as a family. You can take the children to the front of the table or organize excursions with a group of family or friends to make a different and very exciting plan.

Reduce stress levels

Being in the middle of the sea, away from mobile, work and the noise of the city, helps us to slow down and disconnect. This brings a feeling of relaxation and tranquility that, added to the endorphins that you release while doing sports, allows you to reduce stress levels. Goodbye worries!

You feel like a surfer ... without being

If you have always seen surfing as a very cool sport… but very complicated, paddle surfing is the perfect alternative to have the sensations of a surfer without needing to be. You will be in contact with the sea, you can be proud to keep your balance on the board and you can even avoid small waves by rowing.

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