Beach destinations to celebrate Carnival

The streets are about to fill with music, joy and color because the time comes to celebrate one of the most anticipated festivities of the year: carnival. Around the world, carnivals are always a perfect excuse to plan a getaway to a destination where we can enjoy these traditional festivals.


Take note of the best beach destinations to celebrate the carnival. From Tenerife, to Rio de Janeiro, through Barranquilla or Curaçao, there are options for all tastes and, the best thing is that in all these places your best costume will combine perfectly with your favorite Red Point swimsuit or bikini.


4 beach destinations to celebrate Carnival


Prepare your most original costume, a colorful mask and get to work to organize an unforgettable carnival plan in one of these 4 beach, breeze and sea destinations.


Barranquilla Carnival


The Barranquilla Carnival is the most important folk and cultural event in Colombia. His motto is "who lives it, is who enjoys it!" Every year, this Caribbean city becomes the scene of street parties, parades, parades and lots of fun. In addition, during the days of celebration (from February 22 to 25 in 2020) you can also enjoy beautiful beaches such as Puerto Colombia Beach, Puerto Velero Beach or Cristal Beach with a bikini as colorful as Carina de Red Point.


Curacao Carnival


Curacao takes carnival very seriously. During its celebration, on this island located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, visitors and locals enjoy a full month of many parties, lively dances, vibrant costumes, masquerades and lots of musical events. The best beaches to visit in Curacao during the carnival season? All! Although the beaches Kenepa and Lagun are two of the most spectacular to wear a bikini or swimsuit like the Lili model of Red Point.


Rio de Janeiro's carnival


Synonymous with joy, music, color and sensuality, the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is considered one of the best in the world and also one of the most fun. This year it will be held from February 21 to 26 and, like every year, it will be a continuous party in which millions of visitors from all over the world can enjoy impressive parades, costumes the sea of ​​originals, many hours of dancing and a closing spectacular in its traditional sambadrome. It would be unforgivable not to take advantage of the visit to go to Copacabana beach to give you a moment of relaxation ... and to wear a bikini or swimsuit as beautiful as the Berta model of Red Point.


Tenerife Carnival


It is not necessary to cross the puddle to enjoy a carnival party with fantastic temperatures and paradisiacal beaches. In Spain we have the carnival of Tenerife, the best known and celebrated party on the island, and one of the most important in the country. For several days, the colorful costumes and the joy of music and dances flood the streets of the city and put all attendees to enjoy. If you go, do not forget to enjoy beaches such as Benijo Beach or Los Patos Beach with a bikini or swimsuit like the Fabiola model of Red Point.

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